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One of the reasons I have chosen VPSVille was Arch Linux template.
However it turned out that the template is not of a high quality.

First, it has .pacnew/.pacsave files in /etc which means that after update they were just ignored. This is a small issue though.

What's more important is that the local package database is corrupted, specifically - 'pacman' package (that is - the package manager itself) has broken records in the database.
When trying to upgrade the system it will first ask to upgrade the package manager, but will fail because of file conflicts (which don't really exist, it's just the database record that has invalid data).

And while on it - there is 2009.08 installation CD, so it is better to recreate the template from it instead of fixing the current one.
Updating the system after that is optional, but if you want to do this - please take care of any .pacnew/.pacsave files (they should not appear if you configure the installation for VPSVille/Xen specifics after doing an upgrade though).
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The Arch template is out of date, but not broken. Arch has merely changed the way pacman works, which is a frequent occurance.

Arch and Gentoo are intended for experienced users so you may run into these kinds of problems from time to time.
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As one of Arch Linux developers I know what I'm saying. The database indeed has broken entries.

We discussed the case with Pacman developers (actually it's the first time someone hit this case) and it seems like the cause of it was upgrading from a very old pacman version (skipping several major versions and a couple of years), so that several backwards-compatible transitions were skipped.
EDIT: /etc/issue contains "Arch Linux 0.8 (Voodoo)" which confirms our suspicions.

That's why I recommend to create a new template from scratch instead of upgrading the current one. I can assist in this process if you wish.

Obviously I don't blame anyone here, but I consider this a valid case for calling it "broken".

Besides /etc/hosts.allow is invalid: "ssh: ALL : ALLOW" has no effect because there is no daemon called "ssh" (it is "sshd") and thus after system update the access via ssh will be disabled because /etc/hosts.deny with "ALL: ALL : DENY" will be created and due to a typo in hosts.allow it will effectively disable ssh access for unsuspecting user.
(Please correct me if I'm wrong here)

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Has this been addressed? I reinstalled without thinking about it and now I'm stuck. Not being able to bring my vm up to date kind of defeats the purpose of having Arch, and the main advice one finds when one searches for how to resolve the issue in question is "reinstall from the current release."

I think the way I got around it before was actually by doing a chrooted installation with the openvz kernel and such on my local machine and uploading it over top of the image, but that's a pretty big hassle...
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Arch Linux is no longer supported.

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