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Anonymous Coward
Can any one post a step by step tutorial how to install it ??
I have VPS with CPanel and CentOS.
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You need to open a support ticket.
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ok this is how i installed it.
1. I Uploaded a Flash media server called Ray Media Server (By Boonex)using root to /opt/ray_server
2. Next I Installed Java Runtime Enviroment (JRE) ( http://forums.cpanel.net/f5/does-whm-install-jdk-jre-java-al l-93573.html)

3.edit the following line "JAVA_HOME=" in red5.sh and set the java_hoem to where java is installed.

4.edit run_daemon.sh and set the value for RAY_SERVER_PATH variable. It should be the path to the RMS folder on your server
For example:
5.change the IP addresses in the files located in
For example: open

6. upload ffmpeg.exe to RAY_SERVER_PATH

7.in your SSH client (i use PuTTy) run cd ../
then run cd /opt/ray_server/ (or where ever u installed it to)
and then chmod -v 777 *.sh ffmpeg.exe
8. run ./red5.sh to test it.
•if you get "NetConnection.Connect.Success", then the server started up successfully and you can proceed to the RMS Running point below;
•if you get "NetConnection.Connect.Failed", the possible reasons may be:
◦the 1935 or 1936 ports are closed on your server
◦your server uses firewall which prohibits the access to it through the 1935 port

9.Now you should cancel the execution of red5.sh or start.exe and run RMS as a service (background application). You can do it by invoking
then run ps ax | grep red5
and you should see this
18247 pts/0 Sl+ 0:55 /opt/red5new_555/jre1.x/bin/java -Djava.security.manager -Djava.security.policy=conf/red5.policy -cp red5.jar:conf:. org.red5.server.Standalone
if you get an error contact support.

10. •Now you should add a task to your server's startup file, so every time your server restarts, RMS could start automatically. On most Linux systems this file is /etc/rc.local. You should input the following lines in it: "cd path_to_rms" and "/path_to_rms/run_daemon.sh", where "path_to_rms" stands for the absolute path to Ray Media Server folder.
For example:

cd /opt/ray_server
11. edit access.dat – input all domain names which will be allowed to access RMS. Every domain name should be written on a separate line and should not contain "http://" and "www", just yourdomain.com;

hope this helps...
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thanks for that information.

i've been searching it for couple of month.

at last i've found it here.
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