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I've searched through the forum and diligently researched online, but am still coming up empty when it comes to getting my first domain live using my VPS (running Kloxo). Please excuse my ignorance - I'm really trying hard to understand all of this. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
Here's where I'm at: I've set up a domain name template using one of the two available IP addresses (does it matter which one I use?) and set the name servers to ns1.vpsville.ca and ns2.vpsville.ca. I've then added a new domain using the above template (mindypostoff.com). I have registered this domain with Netfirms and updated the 2 nameservers to the vpsville.ca ones and also added an NS record with the IP address specified in the domain template.
I read stuff about "pinging" addresses to check and see if things are hooked up properly, but I don't know where to start with that.
Can anyone get me started on the right path?
Mindy Smile
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If you want to use our DNS servers, you need to notify us of the domain name and IP you want DNS setup for.

You can do that from our control panel. Login to our site and select 'DNS', then add the domain there.
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Thanks so much for writing. I was able to log in and add my domain. When required to select an IP address, I made sure it was the same one in my domain name template, which is also the IP address listed as the host NS with my registrar.
Now, when I run the intodns.com/mindypostoff.com, I don't get any red errors, but there are some yellow warnings. Could any of those warnings be the cause of my domain not resolving?
Thanks again for your time!
Mindy Smile
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Your domain (mindypostoff.com) is resolving to your IP ( correctly. So DNS is doing its job.

Now its up to your webserver software to show the right pages and parse the URL etc.
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Hello and thank you for confirming that my dns is correct. Unfortunately, when you say it's now up to my webserver software to do its job, I'm still quite lost. I'm essentially reviewing each area of the admin section within Kloxo, and I've come across what appears to be important: the FQDN setting.
I've done research online, but I'm stuck as to understanding what domain name I should use. Could it be any of the domain names registered and hosted on the server?
Maybe the FQDN is only one issue that I've got. Is there something else I should consider to get my simple index page for mindypostoff.com to resolve?
Thanks for your help!
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Have you set up the account and created the index.html page for that account?

I use the superior Cpanel rather than Kloxo but this might help

http://www.a2hosting.com/resource-center/kloxo-vps-setup/set ting-up-a-website

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Hi ImaginaryNumber,
Thanks for the link, but I think I've successfully managed all that. My brother did a lot of the initial configuration of the server and many settings, so I've stepped in partway through and updated things as I've learned what they're there for.
I know for a fact that the FQDN he listed was incorrect as it didn't have a domain name in it at all. So I simply selected one of the domain names registered and added to the server completely at random. I would have expected there to be a link to an IP address, but I have no clue.
Also, I am tempted to try and reboot the server, but since it's never been done, I'm ashamed to admit that I'm scared to do it. Is this something that is safe to try?
Hopefully, an answer comes to me while I'm asleep!
Thanks again for your time,
Mindy Smile
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Rebooting your server should always be safe and something you need to test. You want your sites to continue working after a reboot so that your server can survive one, which will happen eventually.

A FQDN would be something like server.domain.com rather than domain.com

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