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I missing here?

Note, this is on a fresh HIB install.Only lighty is running.

It is possible, I have not confirmed, that the admin interface process reports as being Apache because of the use of Apache technologies.

Apache is provided as a ready to run option for those situations where lighty just does not cut the mustard. These situations will be few and far between for a typical indie server.

There are many that switch to Apache to enable the use of complex .htaccess files that come with 3rd party apps, this is not required as there is a 3rd party lighty module that enables the use of .htaccess files.

Some switch to
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Apache due to the notorious difficulty of getting lighty to proxy and serve up static content for Django. This too is possible, you just have to plug away at it. Smile

Hope this helps.

ChrisThx for the reply! That explains a lot. I'm in the process of porting 3rd party software over from a shared Apache host. So far, it's not so happy about the change of home. I've since found that it's complaining about the lack of the mod_rewrite module. As you've suggested, I'll try my luck with a lighty equivalent for the module.

I was confused about Apache+lighty after reading online content about simultaneous use of the two. Apparently some people are running both servers under the same domain to handle different functions (ie. Apache for php and lighty for most else) while others have both on the sam
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e VPS, each to handle a different IP. In any case, I'm glad only one is running. This seems more straight forward (at least for newbie).FYI.

Turns out Apache was running. Not sure exactly why, but once I had a domain configured in Kloxo the server switched to Lighty. Maybe Kloxo is setup to use Apache as a default until a domain is set? Or maybe I got my VPS into a funny state? Not sure, but in any case both phpinfo and Kloxo report Lighty as running, whereas previous to setting up my domain they both reported Apache.

I couldn't find any 3rd party modules that enable htaccess files for Lighty, just lots of talk/dispute about it. If anybody knows of one, please let me know. I'd still like to try it if it exists.

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/> Lucky for me, I found mod_rewrite translations (Apache->Lighty) for the .htaccess files my software uses. Just dropped them into lightppd.conf and everything runs fine!Our new OpenVPN template, called 'OpenVPN Easy Setup' is now compatible with iOS and Android versions of OpenVPN. It will work on any size VPS.

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