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This is how I have set up my HIB 1 server, I post here hoping it will be of help to others new to servers, I add I have reinstalled the OS template more than once Embarassed

Your set up may be different from mine as I have only a few customers that I host websites for no resellers.

1.Set: Lxguard

2. Set: Identification name for server ( Name can be found in your VPSVille account ) and tick box for Spamdyke & Virus Scan.

3.Change your server login in password

4.Timezone set to : Your location

5.Create DNS template: ( Add template) I use VPSVille's name servers (in your VPSVille account)

6.Add domain (Leave document root blank)

7.Make it default domain

8.Switch to domain owner mode and set up email accounts

9.Set spam filter to ? I use 9

10.Switch back to admin mode, at command centre copy and paste : mkdir /home/kloxo/httpd/installsoft then copy and paste: /script/installapp-update, Note this takes its time so so go and make a cup of tea. (Thanks to Mentorkyrom on the forum, thanks mate this was a great help) http://forum.vpsville.ca/index.php?t=msg&th=236&star t=0&S=9c397f1343cf41332ee50f3d835bb505

11.Set-up resource plan

12.Clients : add customers (I have no reseller accounts)

13.Set admin information

14.Back up your server (Your VPSVille account)

If any senior/advanced members can see any mistakes I have made to my set up please add to this thread.

Regards to all


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Thank you for that excellent post.
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where do you turn on spamdyke and virus scan?
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Hi Mikerroosa,
Admin Home, then: Web & Mail & DB, then: Server Mail Settings

Note, The Virus Scan will use a lot of memory, mine is off.

Hope this helps


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Hi sparky51 and staff,
First off, I'd like to thank sparky51 for the detailed list. After swimming around in what seemed like a pool of mud, things have gotten considerably clearer after an OS reinstall of my VPS and following your list to a tee.
I now go to my hosted website, and instead of getting a 404 error or a blank page, I get something telling me that Apache is correctly installed. Here's my domain: mindypostoff.com
My next step is to actually get a working index file up there, but I'm confused as to where to go to do that. I uploaded a basic file in the file manager, but that doesn't seem to update what I see on my website.
I'm now trying to connect via ftp, but I can't seem to figure that out either.
Any help here would be greatly appreciated!
Mindy Smile
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Hiya Mindy,

If this is domain under the admin account (ie. the default domain) the html files should reside in:


Otherwise they will be under another specific users home directory, with the same layout.

In there you will find "cgi-bin", "images", and index.html.

Please note that /home/admin/public_html is a symbolic link to the aforementioned directory.

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Hey Chris,
Thanks for your quick post. I tinkered with it a bit more, and with your help, I've managed to discover the proper folder where my default www folder is!
Finally! After a couple months of playing around with this VPS, I can now see the light at the end of the tunnel!
Thanks again!
Mindy Smile

[Updated on: Mon, 16 May 2011 14:52]

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I'm by no means senior/advanced at this, but I also added the following to your list:

- Set passwords for FTP users (is it no password by default??? scary if it is)

- Set up indexes (Kloxo>Domain Home>Web>Index Manager)

- Assign IP address to domain so that proper index page displays when an IP address is entered. If DNS is not yet active for domain Kloxo won't allow you to make assignment by default so use the /etc/hosts file to force domain to appropriate IP until DNS is active.

- Set up firewall. See http://wiki.lxcenter.org/How+to+secure+your+Kloxo+with+IPTAB LES or http://forum.vpsville.ca/index.php?t=msg&th=48&S=dd5 c78bfa568b3769ca2bb32c182e1f7#msg_95 for reference.

[Updated on: Wed, 18 May 2011 14:26]

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Hi Mindy,
Glad my earlier post was of help and welcome Very Happy


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Updating kloxo to at least the next major release (6.1.0) also helps (via Kloxo>Administration>Update Home). I would recommend it as it resolves several bugs. For example, in the release supplied you cannot edit system files (due to a bug), but this is fixed in 6.1.0. New release also updates the phpMyAdmin interface and I believe it releases encryption from all kloxo php files.

[Updated on: Thu, 01 September 2011 12:54]

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